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Monthly Fees

Permanent Schedule Under 3’s Over 3’s 3-5 Years (incl LTG*)
5 Days £2,415 £2,274 £1,987
4 Days £2,167 £2,039 £1,752
3 Days^ £1,657 £1,559 £1,272
Ad-Hoc Drop-in Rates Under 3’s Over 3’s 3-5 Years (incl LTG*)
Full Day Rate £150 £150 N/A
7 Hours £130 £130 N/A
5 Hours £100 £100 N/A

Standard Full Day

Our standard full day is 8am – 6pm, with daily rates inclusive of all meals and drinks.

Extended Day

We offer an extended day from 7:30am – 6:30pm. You can book a one-off half an hour for £15, or book 10 half-hour sessions for £100. The 10 sessions can be used at any point within a one year period.

Contact the Nursery directly to take advantage of our extended day.

Permanent Schedule

We offer a minimum of 3 days per week as part of our permanent schedule. ^One of those 3 days must be either a Monday or a Friday.

Additional Fee Information

Monthly fees are collected via Direct Debit on 5th day of every month. Additional bookings are collected via Direct Debit on 21st of the month. Childcare voucher payments are accepted.

Children aged 3 and 4 qualify for a rebate for each term from the Learning Trust Grant (*LTG) Scheme. The grant reduction in fees for 3 and 4 year olds is incorporated in the amount of the monthly fees. The reduction in fees will be effective from the term after the child’s 3rd birthday.

A 5% sibling discount is given to the attending sibling on the lower monthly fee rate.

Fees may be reviewed annually.

Our ad-hoc and drop-in service is a pre-booked service which is available, dependant on space, at our Angel and Old Street nurseries.

To find out how you can save up to £6,400 a year on your Nursery School fees, click here: WPN Nursery Leaflet