child looking at a plushie toy

Cultural Diversity

The children’s home language is supported by the nurseries’ multicultural staff and resources, for example, songs, storybooks, and artifacts from cultural resource bags. This forms a strong foundation for supporting the children’s home languages wherever possible. For example, greetings are made in the children’s and practitioners’ home languages. They participate in activities like music and movement and storytelling sessions at the nurseries that are conducted by the librarian from the local library to gain confidence in communication and language.

The children expand their learning through rhythm and rhymes with a variety of programmes including music, visits to the local library for reading sessions, trips to the theatre, and to musical concerts. The children are continuously learning from the wider community through visits to the nurseries from the fire brigade, lollipop people, dentists, and the police service.

The children show great interest and actively participate in the nurseries’ celebrations of festivals and events learning to greet each other in different languages, and this helps to create awareness of the similarities and differences between the different cultures. The practitioners are confident, and with the support from the Cultural and Diversity officer, provide an exceptional range of resources and activities that reflect and value the diversity of children’s experiences in line with British Values.