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Settling In

We recognise and understand the anxieties for parents and children when starting nursery.

While some children will settle in well on their first visit, others will take a little longer to get used to a new environment.

We are here to support you and your child through the settling in process and will get in touch before your child’s starting date to arrange a convenient time for a home visit.

Settling in sessions

We will organise the first settling in session two to three weeks before your starting date.

This is when you will meet your Key Person and we will begin introducing you and your child to the setting. We will also agree on the number of settling in sessions at this point.

We suggest that you accompany your child on one or two settling in visits before they start on their own. These visits typically last an hour.

Your child will be given the opportunity to play with you and with, or alongside, other children.

Your child’s first time solo at the setting

During your child’s first solo time at the setting, we would prefer that you are on standby for a short time to involve your child in an activity and leave only when it seems your child is happy for you to leave.

If you are unable to take time off work for this, a relative or close friend could accompany your child during the settling in period.

Parting with your child at the Nursery

We realise that some children may find it difficult to part from parents on arrival at the Nursery School. Some children adapt quickly, while for others it may take slightly longer but in time all children accept parting from their parents at the Nursery as part of their new routine.

Most children, and parents, are more comfortable if they follow a regular routine before parting on arrival at the Nursery School.