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22 Years


Extra-Curricular Activities
We ensure the children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of experiences and offer an additional range of activities including Ballet and French classes for children who are 2.5 years and older. These sessions are delivered by external teachers on a term time basis. These sessions are optional, and if you wish to enrol your child please contact the Nursery School Office for an enrollment form.

Music Sessions
We hold weekly music sessions with external music teachers “Music House” for all the children to explore various musical instruments and enjoy physical movement and sensory exploration. Music sessions create a rich sensory environment where children can listen, sing, touch, and move to the rhythm. These sessions are free of charge and are part of your child’s weekly curricular.

Outdoor Activities
We strive to educate the children about leading a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to be as physically active as possible. Hopes and Dreams have a beautiful outdoor Garden where all the children can enjoy a great variety of creative and imaginative activities, such as planting, climbing and balancing, nature trails, and using construction equipment. Our mud kitchen is one of the children’s favourite areas to play in while in the garden.

Sports Sessions
The sports sessions offer many opportunities to learn and practice different types of sports. The children from 22 months and older are taught by a qualified sports teacher. Weather permitting, the Sports Sessions take place in our garden. These sessions are free of charge and are part of your child’s weekly curricular.

We also organise regular walks to nearby local parks with our pre-school children. We plan exciting excursions within the local community which including trips to the library and the puppet theatre.


Yearly Planner 2020

Please consult our Yearly Planner for specific events and celebrations we have organised for this year.

“Wary parents mean nurseries could shut”

9th June 2020

“ISLINGTON nurseries are facing closure, headteachers have warned, as parents remain wary of sending their children back.” To read the full article, please visit: Islington Tribune article

Wider Opening – Phase 1

1st June 2020

Hopes and Dreams are delighted to be welcoming back the first phase of the children’s bubble groups with the wider opening of the Nursery School. This week has been filled with such joy with the smooth return of the children....

Welcome Back to Hopes and Dreams family

29th May 2020

Please visit Parent Area to watch the videos we created to welcome back all the children and parents.

Hopes and Dreams Risk Assessment and Guidelines on Wider Opening

27th May 2020

Please visit Parent Area to read Hopes and Dreams Risk Assessment and Guidelines on Wider Opening

Islington nurseries ‘devastated’ as government flip-flops on funding commitments

4th May 2020

‘The government’s approach to nurseries has frankly been bewildering. Everybody in the industry is feeling the same.’ To read the full article please visit: Islington Tribune article NDNA Twitter  

Thank you

25th April 2020

Thank you to all our key workers for keeping the UK safe!! You are truly our heroes!! Thank you to our dedicated Hopes and Dreams Nursery staff for supporting all of our children and families.

Easter Egg Hunt

10th April 2020

Hopes and Dreams Montessori Nursery School had the very first live zoom session with all the families. Cavendish Bear, with the help of the children who joined the session, had an online Easter Egg Hunt! It was great fun! we...

Home resources update – 30/03/2020

30th March 2020

Hopes and Dreams Montessori Nursery School has been posting, since last week, a variety of resources on our website. The resources available on this platform have been designed with love and warm wishes from our dedicated Practitioners. We intend to continue...

Coronavirus update – 20/03/2020 (4.45 pm)

20th March 2020

Coronavirus – Hopes and Dreams Parent Letter

Coronavirus update – 20/03/2020 (11.15 am)

20th March 2020

Coronavirus update Information for parents and carers: Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers   Further information available as soon as possible.

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