Indoor activities

We ensure that the children have as much fun as possible and offer an additional range of activities including Ballet, French and Spanish classes for children who are 2.5 years and older. All extracurricular sessions are open to both attending and non-attending children of our Nursery School on a term time basis.

Yearly Planner 2018

Please consult our Yearly Planner for specific events and celebrations we have organised for this year.
Yearly Planner 2019

Music sessions
We also offer weekly music sessions where children explore various musical instruments and enjoy physical movement and sensory exploration. Music sessions create a 'rich sensory environment' where children can listen, sing, touch and move to the rhythm.

Our varied Montessori activities prepare children extremely well for their next step in education....

Hopes and Dreams Montessori Nursery School celebrates and embraces the concepts of equality and diversity. We teach the children about different religions and cultures from all parts of the world. We organise regular theme days about different countries and continents where we listen to original music, read stories, discuss traditions, prepare and sample foods, enjoy arts and crafts activities and try to understand that diversity is an enrichment not a hindrance. We also regularly participate in various charity events so our children learn that helping others is important and fun.