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20 Years

What Our Parents Say

August 2019 

To the wonderful Hopes and Dreams Team!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Maia-Lili. We are so sad she is leaving but look forward to seeing you again in the future when it will be Audrey’s turn!

Best wishes, Nicolas, Nadine, Maia-Lili and Audrey 

August 2019

After nearly seven years of walking through your doors – sometimes using my fingerprint – most of the times buzzing – it’s hard to believe that we will not be doing it any longer. It’s time to realise we have all graduated! So all we can say is Thank you! so much for looking after, entertaining, educating and being there for Wendy, Jean and Nelson. We will all surely miss you.

Love Nelson, Wendy, Jean, Helen and Chris xxx 

August 2019

We are sad to be leaving Hopes and Dreams where you have all looked after so brilliantly our two little ones, first Aitana and then Izan. Thank you all so much!

Isa and Tom

August 2019 

Thank you for making Camilla’s time at the nursery so special and full of wonderful memories. She has formed many great friendships and will miss everyone dearly.

All the best,

Camilla, Aiden, Sarah and Larb

July 2019 

Thank you for looking after Mara so well and for setting an example of how to deal with food allergies. We want to say, once again, how much your actions and precautions are truly appreciated and have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for making accommodations to keep Mara (and all the other allergy kids) safe and included during meal times and activities. Thank you for being allergy aware when planning messy play, experimenting with recipes for the best gluten free play-doh, getting alternative snacks, adjusting ingrediants, sourcing free from products, and preparing special dishes for allergy kids. A big girl with lots of Hopes and Dreams is leaving Nursery School for next steps. Thank you for playing an important role in this chapter of Mara.

Love Pepijn and Leanne 

December 2018

Cornelia and team, thank you for looking after Alaia for the last couple of years.
She has really flourished at Hope and Dreams. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the best for the future.
Best wishes,

Salma, Sam and Alaia x

October 2018

We were looking for a nursery for our son and it was a struggle. We walked into this place and instantly liked it. They staff were knowledgeable and calm, the place was clean and safe. When I saw my son smiling as he looked around the rooms, it became an easy choice! Best 5 years of his life!


September 2018

Dear Cornelia, Lek and the rest of the team at Hopes and Dreams, A very big thank you for making Samuel’s time at Hopes and Dreams so special. He has absolutely loved his time there and as a family we have loved seeing him develop into such a confident and fun loving little boy.
Hope to see you all again soon!

Love from The Palin family xxx

September 2018

Dear Rainbow staff,

I was going to ask Olivia to write this card but felt we had too much to write for her poor little hands. Olivia came to your room at 2, so shy and afraid. I worried you’d not get through it as all the other children seemed fine. With your love and patience she did. What people forget if that for the full time children at the nursery, it becomes their second home. You’re staff but you’re like second mothers to these children. Olivia loves and adores you all so much. You laid the foundations for the rest of her life. Who knows what she will really be when grows  up but one thing we will all know and that is where her journey began. I could write so much but need to end with the biggest thank you and from Olivia, goodbye. She will truly miss you all so much!

With our love and thanks,

the Woons and Olivia

September 2018

Dear Magda, Yessy, Jo and Suzsanna,

Thank you for the amazing care and education provided to Lila. She has learned and grown so much! We will miss you.

Best wishes,

Julie, Mirek, Lila and Leo xxx

September 2018

Dear Agnes, Nimasha, Kemi, Milena, Sarah and all the support workers, Thank you so much for making Samuel’s time in Snowdrops so lovely and rewarding. He has loved his time there and will miss you all very much! Wishing you all a wonderful end to 2018 and hopefully see you next time we are in Islington.

Lots of love,

Samuel, Tom, Victoria and Maisie xx

September 2018

Dearest Cornelia and all the office ladies,

As Marcus leaves the nursery ….. where to start in thanking you and your wonderful staff!!! Your expertise, professionalism, care and support know no bounds. We are eternally grateful. Marucs has had the start in life we hoped and dreamed of.

With all best wishes,

Gill, Steve and Marcus x

September 2018

Dear Cornelia, Lek and team,

We would like to thank you for the outstanding childcare services provided to Lia and Leo at Hopes and Dreams which have truly made a difference to their development. It is time for us to pursue endeavours but we will not forget the great foundations you have help build for them.

With best wishes,

Julie, Mirek, Lila and Leo x

August 2018

Dear Lynn,

When I leave Sunshine room, there may well be some tears as the 7 months I’ve spent with you have been full of wonderful first memories! Now I’m off to the next stage and wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me, taking care with so much love and dedication, help me grow with lots of support, and making nursery life so joyful and fun. I’m very grateful and will miss
you a lot

Big hugs and lots of kisses


August 2018

Dear Hopes and Dreams Staff,

Olivia and ourselves want to thank you all (from baby room up to Rainbow, admin, cooks and cleaners). You have all contributed to the care, love and support my daughter has needed since she was just 6 months old. Olivia joined on 14th August 2014 and in her time of joining each room I’m sure she has burnt some of your ears off with tears. Olivia hasn’t liked change from an early age
but with your patience, hearts and expertise you got her through it each time.

We are so proud that we’ve had two girls leave Hopes and Dreams nursery and so proud that both daughters got into their first school choice and we really believe this was possible because they went to Hopes and Dreams. Olivia being Olivia will miss you all so much and I’m sure she will never forget her journey here at Hopes and Dreams.

Love from ‘The Woons’

August 2018

My daughter loves her nursery and her caretakers. What can we say but we are beyond impressed with the staff’s ability to connect with our daughter and their overall high level of involvement in her development process. Hopes and Dreams is small but worth the cost. We can’t say enough great things about this nursery…truly a hidden gem for those looking for a wonderful nursery experience for their little ones.


July 2018

To Everyone at Hopes and Dreams,

We would like to thank everyone at Hopes and Dreams for looking after Hugo from when he arrived at 10 months old to now – a happy, confident little three and half year old. His time with you has been filled with fun, laughter and incredible learning. It has been a wonderful foundation and start to life’s journey. It takes a special team to create this wonderful environment so we
would like to thank everyone in each of the rooms, teachers and teaching assistants, the housekeeping and cooks, the team in the office and anyone else we missed to mention. Thank you!

Best wishes,

The James Family

July 2018

To Everyone at Hopes and Dreams,

Thank you to all of you for your wonderful support and enthusiasm over the past 3 and half years. It has been a real pleasure to deliver my singing sessions in all the different rooms and to get know you all. I shall miss you and all the lovely children. Keep singing!

With all my very best wishes,


July 2018

Dear Cornelia and Team,

Thank you so much for looking after Leo and Leila all these years. Hopes and Dreams is a wonderful, warm, fun and safe place that all the children seem to thrive on. We will miss everyone – Jo, Magda, Yesi, Zsuzsanna, Jamie and all the other wonderful ladies.

All the best for the future.

The Servis Family

July 2018

Dear Hopes and Dreams,

Just to thank you for making Julia’s stay so wonderful. I’m very sorry she is leaving as she has really enjoyed her time and learnt so much!

Have a great summer!

Kindness regards,


December 2017

Dear Lek, Nina, and Hopes and Dreams Team,

Thank you all very much for your patience with us. Lek, we are very impressed by Hopes and Dreams. Having had the tour, we can see Aasreen thriving at your nursery.

Best Wishes,

Aasreen, Azmina and Faheem

December 2017

Dear All at Hopes & Dreams,

Thank you for the lovely memories, support and help for Charlotte and us. The last three years has been a wonderful time here. We hope our path will cross again.

Thank you!

Mark, Vanessa, Isabelle and Charlotte

September 2017

Dear Cornelia et al,

I just wanted to say what a delight it was to see the nursery, staff, children and Olivia on the television last night.

I’ve expressed it before but last night reiterated the feeling for us that we are so proud of the girls going to your nursery and felt so proud seeing it portrayed the way it was on the ITV news. Amelia, who is nearly 13 (October) wanted me to rush home because she felt so proud her old nursery was on TV. She sat watching the TV with pride. She was asking all her friends to watch it.
I yet again want to thank you all for your excellent care. Are girls are thriving and we cannot rate the nursery enough.

Kind regards,


September 2017

Dear Hopes and Dreams,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have given Emily over her time at Hopes and Dreams.

She has had an amazing few years in all her rooms at nursery and has truly nourished in such a wonderful and caring environment!

Emily will miss you all but I know she will come to visit lots!

Lots of love,

Cristina, Richard and Emily xxx

August 2017

To all the staff at Hopes and Dreams,

Just a little note to say Thank you so much for all that you have done for Charlie for the last three years. He’s grown and developed so much, in no small part down to the care and nurturing of the whole team.

He’s very much looking forward to starting at his new school and I am sure he will continue to thrive there, thanks to the fantastic start to his education that he has received at Hopes and Dreams.

With thanks from,

The Rodgers Family

August 2017

To Cornelia, Lek and all of the other amazing staff at Hopes and Dreams,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for Eric since he joined nearly 2 years ago. The care given has been simply fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for anything more from a nursery.

We will miss you and wish you every happiness and success for the future.

Jenny, Dan and Eric xx

August 2017

Dear Hopes and Dreams,

We would like to thank you for the excellent care of Audrey. We couldn’t have hoped for a better nursery for Audrey in the past years and she absolutely loved every single day. We were able to trust you 100%.

Thank you!

We will miss you all!

Best wishes,

Audrey, Caroline and Ian Green

August 2017

Dear Mehtab, Lek, Cornelia and colleagues,

Thanks for a wonderful 3 years and 7 months, a few inches taller than she was when she first came to Sunshine in January 2014 and much wiser, more confident, responsible and mature. Fenna is now August 2017 ready to leave Hopes and Dreams nursery school with lots of happy memories.

We know you work hard to create this very special atmosphere with amazing staff. We want to say thank you for helping enrich Fenna’s life, prepare her for what’s coming, helping with the English language – which she doesn’t hear at home much -, giving her the invitation to explore, to question and to discover, giving her the freedom to make choices, make mistakes, and learn from them.
To us as parents it has been great to see that she is always proud of what she has achieved (for example that day she came home to show us how to bounce a ball, or when she made us watch her new ballet skills). Amazing how she tells us, full of confidence, about flowers and plants, seasons, continents, rainbows, night animals, road safety, the recovery position and many other things she
learned at nursery school.

We hope that Fenna will continue to show appreciation for everything around her, just like during her time at Hopes and Dreams.

A big girl with lots of hopes and dreams is leaving nursery school for next steps!

Thank you for playing an important role in this chapter of Fenna’s life.

Love from Fenna’s parents;

Pepijn and Leanne Van Kasteren

July 2017

Dear Everyone at Hopes and Dreams,

Today is a sad day for us as Finn has his last day at the best Nursery we could ever have hoped for! It is with deep regrets that we must take him away, or be it to start a new life in South London. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for providing Finn with a loving, firm, educational and nurturing place to thrive over the last fifteen months. Whether you work in the office, in sunshine and goldilocks, shooting stars, starlight or pre-school, or behind the scenes cooking and cleaning or supporting in another way, you have truly to the positive experience Finn has had. He, and Quentin and I will miss you very, very much.

Lots of love and wishes,

Sara, Quentin and Finn Xxx

June 2017

To: The Children at Hopes and Dreams Nursery School,

The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for the colourful handmade book of pictures you have sent on the occasion of her ninety-first birthday. Her Majesty was touched by your thoughtfulness and greatly appreciated the care you have each taken to decorate your pictures in honor of her special day.

I am to thank you, once again, for writing as you did.

Mary Morrison, Lady-in-Waiting

March 2017

Dear Cornelia,

Words cannot express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all you have done for us and our girls in the last five year at the nursery. We feel very lucky to have been a part of your nursery. Thank you for accommodating our requests wherever possible! You are an extraordinary leader and manager. We will miss you and your team.

Best wishes, always


January 2017

Dear Everyone,

I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to you all for everything you’ve done for Ben these past 2 and half years, and more recently Sophie. Your patience, guidance, care and total commitment to both of them has been absolutely amazing. I can’t thank you enough.

It has been such a pleasure for me as a granny to have been included in their ‘early years’ education, something very close to my heart, and you’ve always made me feel very welcome when I’ve come to meet them.

Thank you all again – I shall miss you but will always remember you with fond memories.

Yours sincerely

Jan (Ben and Sophie’s Granny)

October 2016

Dear All,

Hello and we hope you are well!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the two wonderful years Thea has spent with you all at Hopes and Dreams. From Thea’s first day (when I brought her to you with no shoes and socks on ..!) to last Friday when you sent her on her way with such a lovely send off, she has thoroughly enjoyed herself; learning so much and growing up into such a happy
little girl. Thank you for all for supporting her on her journey so far. Suha, Emma, Laura, Nimasha, thank you for the special care you have shown her but also, our thanks go out to all the wider team as well as we know that each of you have played a part in supporting not just Thea but also Mark and I as well.

We will miss you all very much but we hope that Hopes and Dreams continues to go from strength to strength and we will always be very grateful that Thea has the opportunity to have such a fantastic start in life, with you all.

All the best,

With love from Edwina, Mark, Thea and Mariana x

July 2016

Dear Hopes and Dreams,

This is quite a moment for us but after seven years (minus one month!) it is time to say goodbye! When hector first joined H&D in September 2009 we only sensed what warmhearted, enjoyable and well-organised nursery you are running. All these years later, we know only too well what a fantastic place it is and how much our three boy’s benefitted from the outstanding care and education you offer. It is impossible to thank all the lovely individuals who gave us so much, and the following mentions won’t do justice, but at least this much: Where to start but with the wonderful Nimasha who dedicated so much attention and gave so much love to Marco and Lucas. Both could not have had a better key worker and learnt such a great deal from her.

Agnes and Aurika who gave Hector his first boost of confidence, showed him fine manners and prepared him so brilliantly for big school. He owes them a lot! The office and administration is just brilliant: Marta has been incredibly attentive and responsive. Nina super-efficient. Lek and Mehtab always knew what was going on are ready to help out. Not to forget the five star menus form Nora and her colleagues in the kitchen.

And of course Monique: when you had an awful day in the office and then passed by H&D around 5.30pm to pick up the kids, there is nothing that can cheer you up more than Monique’s presence.
Last but not least, a big thank you to Susan and Cornelia. Simply for what H&D is all about.

Wishing you all the best for the future, and that may other fortunate kids will enjoy their time with you.

Olaf, Victoria, Hector, Marco and Lucas

May 2016

To my lovely nursery Hopes and Dreams

Thank you to all the teachers for looking after me for the past 3 years. I have learned so much by being part of the lovely Hopes and Dreams family, grown to be a very independent, confident little person and made so many good friends that I am already missing.

I would like to thank Nimasha, Maryam and Sarah for being there for me and taught me so much. I talk about them still all the time and pretend to be “Nimasha” a lot. Will definitely keep in touch and come around to visit everyone so that I can introduce, to all of you, my little brother Elias.

Lots of love and kisses,


Play Phonics Workshop

16th August 2019

Our pre-school children had a special visitor… Play Phonics team came to visit Hopes and Dreams Montessori Nursery School. Play Phonics is a group of actor-teachers that brings learning to life through a fun-packed drama workshop, introducing the children to...

HEYL Award

26th July 2019

Hopes and Dreams are thrilled to announce our recognition as an Islington Healthy Early Years Setting presented by The Mayor of London’s Bronze Award. ⭐️🎉🎊😁 “The Healthy Early Years London award (HEYL) aims to support and encourage Early Years settings and...

Graduation Parties 2019

19th July 2019

The Graduation Days arrived at Hopes and Dreams and we have spent two wonderful days celebrating the achievements of the children in the classrooms of Snowdrops and Rainbow. Celebrating their achievements and successes during their time at Hopes and Dreams...

Wild Fangs visit

5th July 2019

Hopes and Dreams Nursery School had some very special visitors this week… a Snake, lizard, stick-insect, gecko, helmet crab, salamander… to name only a few of the animals that the children got the opportunity to learn about and handle… whoever...

Oral Hygiene Workshop

10th May 2019

Oral hygiene is very important for all children to be educated about. At Hopes and Dreams, we ensure that the children are aware of its importance. So we are very lucky to have the Happy Kids Dental Workshop team visit...

Healthy Body Happy Me!!

12th April 2019

🦷😁Healthy Body Happy Me!!😁🦷 Hopes and Dreams took part in this health and happiness campaign, and all children learnt about oral hygiene. It was a very interactive, informative and fun filled week!!🥰

Khmer Cambodian New Year

11th April 2019

Hopes and Dreams Celebrated the Khmer Cambodian New Year on Friday 5th April, alongside the Song Saa Island in Cambodia.😃The Children on the Song Saa Island had fun taking part in the same activities Hopes and Dreams children enjoyed on the...

Open Evening

26th March 2019

⭐️Hopes and Dreams Montessori Nursery school, hosted an open evening on Tuesday 26th March.⭐️ We welcomed many prospective parents and their children, who were treated to a guided tour around the Nursery School. The Senior staff and Management team were...

World Book Day

7th March 2019

📚World Book Day 📚 Across Hopes and Dreams, the children and the staff embraced today’s celebration and dressed up as their favourite book character.🤩🥰 It was a fun filled day!!🥳

St. David’s Day

1st March 2019

Welsh dragons and daffodils were the most popular symbols created and seen around Hopes and Dreams today, but the children also learnt about the history and traditions behind St. David’s Day. It was a very cultural and informative day. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Happy...

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